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What kind of services does Saratoga Wellness, NP in Psychiatry, PLLC offer?
We offer a comprehensive range of psychiatric
services including a psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, medication management,
nutritional and physical wellness assessments, psychotherapy via in-person and telepsychiatry
How do I know if I need psychiatric services?
If you're experiencing challenges with your mental health, such as prolonged feelings of sadness,
anxiety, difficulty coping with daily life, or if you're struggling with your emotions, it may be
beneficial to seek professional psychiatric care.
Does Saratoga Wellness, NP in Psychiatry, PLLC accept insurance?
At this time we are a fee for service only practice with a flat service fee of $200.00 per visit. Payment is expected at the time of service. You will be provided with a super-bill at the end of each visit to submit to your insurance carrier, under your Out -of -Network insurance benefits. We accept cash, major/credit cards and FSA/HSA cards as well.
What can I expect during my first visit?
Your first visit will involve an initial
comprehensive psychiatric assessment where a thorough review of your medical history, recent
laboratory studies, current mental health concerns and treatment goals will be completed. The
follow-up visit, approximately two weeks later, will include an assessment of initial treatment
response with a nutritional and physical assessment. This two part evaluation is designed to
create a foundation for your personalized treatment plan. Each visit thereafter will include a 30-60 minute evaluation focused on medication management and treatment goals as it relates to your nutrition, physical activity and psychotherapy.
How can telepsychiatry benefit me?
Telepsychiatry offers the same quality of care as
in-person visits but with added convenience and flexibility.  However, in person visits are required intermittently to complete the physical wellness aspects of your treatment. This can be discussed with your provider at the time of your initial consultation. 
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