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Our Approach

At Saratoga Wellness, we believe in taking a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing that mental and physical health are interconnected. Our services include psychiatric, nutritional and physical evaluations, medication management, individual therapy and telepsychiatry to achieve optimal wellness. We offer a safe and supportive environment where patients can feel comfortable sharing their concerns and working towards their goals.

Comprehensive  Psychiatric Evaluation

Our psychiatric assessment includes a thorough psychiatric and medical history, diagnostic tools and screenings to create a personalized evidenced based treatment plan. Ongoing monitoring and follow-up visits provide the opportunity to adjust your treatment plan, tailoring treatments to each person's unique needs. In addition to a thorough psychiatric evaluation, a nutritional and physical wellness evaluation is also included to ensure that your overall health is taken into account.
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Group therapy

Nutritional and Physical Evaluation

There is significant research in recent years on the effects of nutrition and physical wellness and their positive impact on mental status. That’s why Saratoga Wellness incorporates this as a crucial part of your treatment plan.

There are known psychoprotective interventions to these aspects of wellness which may not only improve the mental wellness for those who suffer from mental disorders to the prevention of them in the first place. Over 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

The impact that good food and improved physical health has on brain health is profound. The side effects in the case of nutritional counseling can include increased self-efficacy and improved physical health. Exercise enhances mood and self-esteem while decreasing stress tendencies, a factor known to aggravate mental and physical diseases. Diet and exercise engage the mind body connection, counteract the difficulties associated with mental disorders and maintain mental and physical wellness.
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Medicine Management

Medication Management

Medication management is a critical component of psychiatric treatment. Our experienced psychiatrists take a thoughtful and evidence-based approach to prescribing and managing psychiatric medications. Understanding that each individual's response to medication can vary, we prioritize personalized care plans that are closely monitored for effectiveness and safety. Our goal is to optimize medication regimens to enhance mental health outcomes while minimizing side effects.

Our medication management services include comprehensive evaluations, ongoing monitoring, and adjustments as needed. We believe in a collaborative approach, where our clients are active participants in their treatment. This includes educating clients about their medications, discussing potential side effects, and ensuring that medications are integrated effectively into their overall treatment plan. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and expert medication management to support our clients' mental health journey.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Individual Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a cornerstone of the therapeutic services offered. As an evidence-based treatment, CBT focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to emotional distress. Our trained therapists use CBT to help clients address a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, phobias, and stress. By equipping our clients with practical skills, CBT empowers them to manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

CBT is a structured, goal-oriented therapy that involves working collaboratively with a therapist to set realistic goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Sessions are focused on the present, with an emphasis on developing coping strategies and problem-solving skills. We take pride in offering CBT as part of our comprehensive mental health services, providing clients with tools and techniques that have lasting benefits beyond the therapy room.
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Telepsychiatry brings our expert psychiatric care to clients wherever they are in Malta, or throughout the Capital Region. This service offers the same high-quality care as in-person visits but with the convenience and comfort of accessing it from your home or office. Telepsychiatry is an excellent option for those with busy schedules, mobility challenges, or anyone preferring the privacy of remote sessions. Our secure and confidential online platform ensures a safe and effective environment for psychiatric consultations and therapy.

Our telepsychiatry services include a range of options, from initial consultations and therapy sessions to follow-up appointments and medication management. Clients can easily connect with our experienced psychiatrists and therapists, receiving personalized care without the need to travel. We are dedicated to making mental health services more accessible and convenient, ensuring that high-quality psychiatric care is just a click away for everyone.
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